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House running

EAN: 7147


A trend sport with a sustained, long-lasting effect, can be booked as a team or customer event for an unforgettable shared experience. Overcoming fears helps generate self-confidence and strengthens the feeling of togetherness within the team.

On the one hand you take your own fate into your own hands, with the safety rope in both hands, you decide how fast you want to arrive at the bottom.

On the other hand, you can always rely on your team and let yourself go.

You stand on the edge of the roof, wearing all the gear and doubly secured, your gaze unavoidably turns down, while your pulse unavoidably continues to increase into infinity. And then you hear “ready for fun” from the team leader. Now the moment has come when you can allow yourself to fall forward.

Can you bring yourself to do it? We are sure you can!

Our staff are SAC trained and have also received psychological training in order to be able to establish trust in stressful situations.

The approvals to carry out the house running need to be acquired by the event organiser. The participants are required to wear covers over their shoes in order to protect the façade of the building from becoming dirty.


  • The roof must be at least 5 x 5 metres, the load-bearing capacity of the roof 200 kg per square metre if the safety cage needs to be attached to counterweights.
  • In front of the building a space of approximately 5 x 5 metres is required as a safety zone for the runners, as well as approximately 6 x 3 metres for the registration and changing-room tent.
  • 4 staff members are mandatory, whereby a maximum of 2 can be provided by the event organiser if this is wanted.
  • We can also offer skyrunning as a mobile solution directly at the location where your event is taking place.

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