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Delivery & Transportation


Good to know


Delivery and Transport

With events booked for several days‘ duration, which include staff assistance and a minimum distance of 100 km, additional expenses for food and accommodation could incur. These expenses are not a component part of the cost overview and should be included separately.


Please take note that the price for transport and delivery vary depending on if you wish to pick up the games yourself or your event is provided with staff. For this reason fill out only one of the three following choice fields!

  Transport (calculate km)info
  Self pick-upinfo
Transportation cost CHF 0.-
Preparation, redemption and control CHF 0.-


Calculating Distance

The costs covert the way there and back, without care two times

And here’s how easy it is:

1. Klick on calculate km
2. Klick on initial point A
    enter desired place of delivery
3. Klick on calculate route
4. Select only the displayed km from Google Maps in the transport field (always the shortest distance)

calculate km