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Funny game ideas

Children’s Birthday

Your child will soon have a birthday? And you hate playing games and eating chocolate with a fork and knife. In the internet you will find original ideas.

Planning seems to be a bit old fashioned. Nevertheless this site is useful. Especially for those who have little experience with children’s birthdays. There are rules of the thumb for the number of guests and tips for handling children who don’t want to play along. There are also 50 games listed for birthday parties as well as 20 recipes for cakes, snacks and drinks that go down well even with choosey children.


Is your apartment too small? Are the children too wild? Then an outdoor birthday party becomes a must. These two sites list over 1000 games, among which are a large number of outdoor games. They are organized according to topics. Especially well liked could be the games in the category of «Dreckig und nass» (dirty and wet) and with the parents perhaps a bit less liked.


Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt does not necessarily mean that one team must pin notes on branches and the other team finds them. There are numerous variations – be it with a map and a compass, with map clippings, with secretive directions or with sawdust tracks.


When the children threaten to become over-excited, then good advice is costly. This site lists games with which the children can calm down. An example: minigolf with a sheet. Together the children hold a sheet, on which a marble and a toilet paper roll are placed. The children move the sheet so that the marble rolls through. That only works when all help and when they don’t move hectically.