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System Explanation *

Dear Guest,

We have newly built and adapted our website to today’s standards. In doing so we tried to present our extensive offer in a clearer, informative and therefore customer-friendly manner.

A new and likewise practical tool is the shopping basket, which is built upon a rental basis.

This gives you a quick and non-binding compiled offer suited to your event without needing to wait for a bid.

An additional advantage of the website is, in case an article is no longer available on the desired date, there will be a notification from the system. Without this relevant message, the rental object should still be available at the time of the request. It is possible that dates overlap, therefore the information is given without guarantee.

With your account you can adapt your offer to new requirements at any time and save as a PDF and/or print.

All costs are included in the offer, therefore there are no hidden additional charges.


* And in closing there is more good news:

Are you already registered as a customer and have you already rented goods from us?

Then you can take advantage of a 15% customer discount on our rental prices. This offer is of course also valid for customers prior to the activation of this website: simply register and take advantage

Plus 5% Discount from an order of 4 different items or more, also for new customers.

(party tents and inventory remain excluded from discounts).

Thank you for your attention.