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Snow Shark

EAN: 7141


The Snow Shark unfolds its talents mainly on the ski slopes, especially on very steep slopes.

With a guarantee of an adrenaline kick when you shoot down the slopes at 120 km/h.

With a special, wide kayak attached to a Bungy rope, you experience a 200 m unbraked ride until the rope stops you gently at the end of the route.

  • Space required approx. 300 x 10 m down hill
  • Connection to power supply 1 x 380 V (Includes an electricity generator 4 KW in case there is no electricity nearby)
  • A special  cable winch ( 4m per second) as return mechanism
  • Kayak including 20 m Bungy Road with a double safeguard
  • 200 m  of static rope  also with a double safeguard
  • A variety of anchoring material
  • We recommend two supervisor for each system

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