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EAN: 5236


Rodeo bull riding is always a hit, especially with this machine. If you are interested in a mechanical rodeo bull, then it should look like a real bull and be just as wild. Safety should of course also not be forgotten.

Rodeo devices which are operated and stopped by an attendant conceal risks. Only a moment of inattentiveness can lead to substantial injuries. A further danger of traditional equipment is the run-out after the stop signal. Take care that the bull stops immediately after throwing the rider off.

Our simulators are Swiss TS and TÜV approved and fulfill various safety regulations.

All of our rodeo machines were produced in Switzerland according to our specifications in CH, which makes them absolutely exclusive.

And a few more reasons why you should decide to purchase this machine:

A unique appearance - this is what your bull should look at your event.

The rodeo bull has 3 settable difficulty levels, each with 14 different speed levels.

It is controlled electronically via computer, no manual control.

The same conditions for every participant making it perfect for competitions.

The rider himself determines when the rodeo bull starts and stops; the corresponding electronics mechanism is built into the grip. The machine stops immediately when you let go of the grip.

Fully automatic electronic time measurement in tenths of a second, linked with a start and stop signal located in the grip.

The machine weighs just 300 kg, is on removable wheels for simple transport to every location and being only 80 cm wide, fits through each and every door.


  • Space required approx. 7 m Ø
  • Minimum Room Height 2.7 m
  • Connection to power supply 2 x 220 V / each with 1 x 10 & 1 x 16 A
  • One supervisor obligatory


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