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EAN: 6747


In a scale of 1:10, this rotating tower crane makes both children’s and adults’ dreams come true.

Equipped with 2 joysticks and a magnetic gripper, this crane can be used in a wide variety of different areas. On the one hand as a test of skill and dexterity, and on the other, as an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use.

For the purpose of determination, there are different materials available that can be used. Moving the round pieces of wood offers a very particular challenge.

The various pieces of wood with their different diameters and colours need to be conveyed vertically from one pallet to another. The challenge in this case is that the pallets are covered with a sheet of wood with holes in it, in other words, each round piece of wood has its own specific place, and can only be placed in the hole with the same coloured margin.

A simpler variant is the loading and unloading of a pallet with stackable wooden boxes or filling a container with pieces of metal, e.g. nails etc. Click on the preview image in the top right hand corner to see an overview.


  • Space requirement of a 3.25 metre radius for 360° use, height of 3 metres. A minimum distance to the wall of 1 metre is required for operation of 90 - 180°.
  • Power connection 1 x 220 V / 10 A
  • Suitable also for children from the age of approximately 5 years, while under the supervision of an adult.
  • Operation either with coin slot and timer switch, or manually using a remote control.
  • Loads of space for your advertising on the pallet frames, crane, as well as the barrier (the latter will have to be provided by the renting party, if needed).
  • Constant supervision recommended

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